Double Dash Brass Collar

Artisan Handmade


Chic-ness without effort isn’t always hard. A collar necklace made of solid brass with a slight gradient of delicacy to weight which gives it a versatility in how it's worn.  Wear with the open ends in the front for an empowering textural intrigue or in reverse which revels it's opposing softer more delicate side.  Sits perfectly on the base of the neck. Handcrafted by Kenyan Female Artisans with recycled brass using traditional techniques.

Solid Brass

Fair Trade & Ethically Made

Care: Brass is a natural alloy it can gradually patina over time with exposure to oxygen and moisture. If you prefer a bright sheen, the patina can be removed with a quick polish.(We recommend “Brasso”). Use a soft cloth or paper towel.