Indigo Over Dyed Patchwork Quilt

Artisan Handmade


Our handmade quilted throws use beautiful vintage hand-block printed fabric cotton that is then plant over-dyed in natural indigo. Designed by us in Brooklyn NY and handmade by Artisans in India.

Each quilt takes one month to make, every cut, stitch and dying process is done by hand. The organic variations of how natural Indigo dye effects and integrates with each fabric is the nature of plant dying processes. The differences of fabric pairings, cuttings and stitch-work are a reflection of each Artisan’s creative eye and our continued advocation for the value of hand craftsmanship.

Every quilt is unique and is considered to be a one of a kind work of art, concepted in collaboration with families across continents. Our quilts are heavy, warm, designed and constructed to last.  The backing is a solid Indigo overdyed so the quilt may be reversed for a different look when wanted. Each quilt is  finished with a 1.2" solid indigo dyed binding around all edges. 

Apprx size : 60x90 but due to its handmade nature, sizes may slightly vary. 

Always Fair Trade

Please select the options of "More solid" (meaning a darker over dye of the Indigo)  or "More Pattern" (meaning a lighter dye which allows for more stitch work and color to show through)  One of our Stylist's will pick out a quilt according to your selection.


Our Indigo is a natural plant dye. Do not have it professionally laundered as chemicals may cause harm.

We recommend to be first soaked in a household washer, delicate cycle, by itself in cool water, add white vinegar not detergent for its first “wash”. This will act as a setting agent for the natural dye.  Allow to soak, drain and spin on delicate cycle, hang to dry. The vinegar will also clean your quilt and your washer! 

 After the first wash:

For future washes- while vinegar is always best, natural soaps/ clear (dye free) detergents may be used.  Never detergents with bleaches.   Always in cool water, delicate cycle, dry with a standard heat setting (some shrinkage may occur ) To avoid shrinkage, dry on air fluff and then hang to dry.

Please be aware all true naturally dyed indigo will lighten with the first wash and may continue to over time.  This is its natural quality and is not defective because of it.  Only chemically dyed “Indigo” sets permanently.  We do not use chemicals of any kind.