Italian Sauté and Fry Speckled Cookware

Made In Italy

$37.00 - $75.00

Made speckled Granitium nonstick coating, these Aluminum Fry Pans make a great addition to any kitchen due to it’s exceptional scratch resistance, quick release and effortless cleanup. With optimal heat retention and distribution, these Italian-made pans heat evenly and rapidly for energy-efficient cooking.

 Each pan features a Thermopoint, heat-sensitive handle that turns red when hot and green when cool. This lets you know when the pan’s temperature is just right for cooking—preventing unnecessary overheating or undercooking—and properly cooling off for cleaning.

The interior is fork-proof, metal-safe and extremely scratch-resistant, increasing the lifespan of the pan. We offer three sizes for fry pan and one for grill pan.


8” Fry Pan

10” Fry Pan

12” Fry Pan

11” Square Grill Pan

Recommended Care: Though dishwasher safe, we recommend that the cookware is always washed by hand. Allow your cookware to cool down before cleaning. Always use a soft sponge and liquid detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, steel wool, dishwasher powder or oven cleaner. We recommend rubbing a few drops of oil into the non-stick surface of the cookware after cleaning.

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